What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?
— George Eliot

Business Consulting

Hiring and Firing: Hiring smart is a foundational step to business success. Firing is just as important, and knowing when to part ways is vital to the health of your organization.

Placement of People: You can hire smart and still not see the success you’d like to see from your employees. Of equal importance to the talent of the people you hire are the positions in which you choose to place them. Are your talented team members floundering? Are their positions allowing their talents to be of service to the organization? Proper people placement will lead to the mutual fulfillment of the individual and the organization.

Understanding Way of Being in the Workplace: “Way of being” refers to the essential nature of each of us as humans. Understanding the value of our coworkers’ unique ways of being allows us to foster an environment in which mutual respect and accountability thrive. We’re all snowflakes, and we all have a distinctive gift to offer.



Deconstructing workplace archetypes: Why is the “cranky receptionist” a thing? Why is the “lazy millennial” a problem for your business? What about the “out-of-touch manager”? In truth, the strength of your brand should allow your business to exist beyond the smelly old box of limiting expectations. “That’s just the way things are,” is an untrue statement. You set the expectation and you get to create the experience.

The art of the cold call: In a world increasingly detached from authentic communication and increasingly reliant on devices we can hide behind, using the telephone with our actual voices can seem very intimidating. Mastering the art of genuine phone service can set your business apart in this unruly digital age. The cold call is a unique beast. How do you convey the value of your service without pushing it? How do you connect with the person on the other end of the line in such a way that they understand you are a human being with a pulse and a life beyond this phone call? Successful phone interaction leads to measurable results.

Developing your emotional intelligence: Emotional intelligence speaks directly to our ability to empathize and understand the unique perspectives of those around us. In order to thrive in a successful work environment, we must learn to acknowledge our differences as strengths. This allows us to work more fluidly as a team and achieve a greater outcome together than we ever could alone. Emotional intelligence also serves us as we interact with customers and clients, as it allows us to meet them where they are and accommodate their individual needs.


Action-Based Life Coaching

You already know what you need to do to be healthier; to kick the habits that aren’t serving you; to achieve your goals and wildest ambitions. Seriously. You have everything you need. If you’re stuck in any of those areas, it just means you’re avoiding the action you need to take in order to make it happen for yourself. I’ll ask you the right questions and together we’ll develop an action plan that will allow you to get out of your own way.


Family Business Consulting

I get it. You're a business person. You work a lot of hours. You're under stress, and who can blame you for taking it out on the people you love the most? This is where the idea of kicking the cat comes from. We unload the frustrations of the day on the easiest targets, and the harmony in our households suffers as a result.

Our solution is for you to shift your perspective. In a classic case of warped psychology, many of us tend to over-perform and over-YES in the workplace while we underperform and under-YES at home. We take our jobs very seriously. People are counting us to meet that deadline, solve that case, fix that broken thing. But what about the people and places we come home to? The fact that they're going to love us anyway doesn't cut the mustard. We need to start actively cultivating a home environment in which love can thrive.

Our approach is to view families as businesses. We don't mean this in any cold, corporate sense. We simply mean to inspire a sense of obligation, urgency, and awareness around familial responsibilities. Our families are, quite literally, our home base: we begin and end each day with them. What if we created family action steps and goals? What if we developed a family vision? What if we re-prioritized our lives so home-time takes precedence over "staying late at the office." When we solidify our foundation, we are better equipped to move the world.


I'm a certified yoga instructor and yoga is thoughtfully integrated into all of my consulting and coaching. Essentially, yoga is a practice of mindfulness. When we are able to be still, focus, and breathe through challenging postures, we are given a powerful opportunity to tune into the present moment. In the present, there is no worry, doubt, regret, or anticipation. There is simply a clean slate on which we can create whatever we want.

If you're simply interested in yoga, unrelated to consulting and coaching services, I'm available for individual and group lessons. My training is in Baptiste Yoga™, a powerful vinyasa (flow) style that is typically practiced in a heated room. I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Grace & Glory Yoga in Northfield, NJ, and I have since gone on to attend Level One Training with Baron Baptiste, the founder of Baptiste Yoga™, as well as a weeklong intensive kids' teacher training.

Whether you are looking to support fitness goals, access a meditative stillness, or simply do something for yourself for a change, yoga is for you. Give it a try. What do you have to lose, other than the extra stress and baggage you carry around all the time? Come on.

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.
— Carl Jung

Note: This list of services is intended to provide insight into general areas of expertise. It is not an exhaustive selection. If your area of concern is not represented here, please don’t hesitate to inquire anyway.

Something really important: I am passionate about providing you with authentic service that will support your needs. If your area of concern is beyond my expertise, I will not hesitate to refer you to an expert who can assist you more completely.

Note: This list of services is intended to provide insight into general areas of expertise. It is not an exhaustive selection. If your area of concern is not represented here, please don’t hesitate to inquire anyway.