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Mike Connolly Coaching is an independent firm that specializes in helping you get out of your own way.

Roadblocks are just that: blocks in the road. They’re not called road-destroyers or road-exploders. The road is still there, but when the blocks are right in front of us, it can be difficult to muster the perspective we need to see around them. Mike Connolly Coaching is here to help you find the perspective you need to get your feet moving again.

Whatever our areas of perceived stagnancy (in our businesses, our fitness, our relationships), we already have all of the tools we need to get where we want to go. Pretty cool, right? However, when we’re stuck, it’s because we’re resistant to asking ourselves the hard questions that will give us access to the right tools. We don’t want to look into our dark spaces because they’re scary. We end up doubting ourselves, resenting those around us, and creating awfully big messes.

The only way to effect actual change in our lives is to take action. We can think about our problems all day long, and all we’ll be creating is a deeper mud puddle to wallow in. At Mike Connolly Coaching we ask the questions you need to answer in order to take an honest look at your situation. Your willingness to vulnerably confront yourself and all of your angles and dark corners will determine the effectiveness of the action you take. Our promise is that we're willing to go there with you. We’re in this work together.

listen: there’s a hell
of a good universe next door; let’s go
— e.e. cummings

Our mission is to effect positive change in your life through asking the right questions and allowing you to arrive at meaningful answers.

Our services are designed to get to the source of what's holding you back. We specialize in business consulting and action-based life coaching. 

Yoga is an important component of what we do. Yoga exists off of the mat in a lot of different manifestations, and we incorporate the practice into a lot of our consulting and coaching. 

"of all the hazards, fear is the worst"      - Sam Snead

"of all the hazards, fear is the worst"

- Sam Snead

Your Golf game and your life are connected.

There you are, on the first tee.  Your buddies are all on the tee box with you, and there are several foursomes behind you, all waiting to tee off.  After the greetings, banter, and of course ball busting, its your turn.  You bend down, stick the tee in the ground and place the ball on the tee.  You stand behind the ball and look out at the open fairway with nervous excitement.  What happens next is often connected to not just your swing, but your life.  Do you slice the ball right, hook it low and left, or do you stripe one down the middle?  

The mechanics of the golf swing are subtle.  If your grip is too tight then the face of the club won't release at impact properly.  If your hands are too low, and you're too far away from the ball, then your shot will most likely go left..  If you play the ball too far forward, then odds are the shot will leak to the right. If you pick your head up, well actually all hell breaks loose when you pick your head up too early. Here's the thing.  We can work on all of that. We can do it together.  I've been playing golf for 20 years.  I've taken lessons and traveled to some of the best courses in the world.  I'm very knowledgeable about the golf swing.  At one time in my life as a 4-handicap golfer I had every shot in the bag.

 I've helped my buddies and clients improve their swing with great success.  The thing is, what i have noticed with working with these guys, is the relationship between their swing and their life is connected in a very powerful way.  Odds are if you grip your club too strong then you're probably gripping everything in your life with the same intensity.  If you're too far away from the ball at address then you're probably not close enough to people or events in your life.  If you constantly pick your head up during the swing then yeah you guessed it, you're taking your eye off of your life.  Golf can be a brutally honest mirror.  

let's tighten up your life, the same way we'll tighten up your swing. It's not therapy that I'm proposing and I'm not a PGA Pro, but I know more than enough about the golf swing to tell you why you can't hit the ball straight, and I know even more about the human condition so you can stripe one down the middle in your life! 

Lets play golf, Lets play life.

"You have more potential than you think"

 - Sam Snead



“We’re here to put a dent in the universe.
— Steve Jobs

Language is one of the most powerful tools we can use to engage with one another. In consulting, it is especially important that we are able to connect effectively so that you get the most out of every session. If we’re not on the same page, we won’t be able to create anything substantial together.

Let's get on the same page.


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